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Mer-tale Collection by the 4 Cetacean Academy Mermaids

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Trish Regan’s life transforming, intimate relationship and work with the wild dolphins of Hawaii since 1994 led to her 3-part book series. Book One:  The Art of Balance introduces you to a discovery of the deep, true inner joy within the core of being… the joy that resonates in the heart when higher truth is revealed; when one knows who they really are. Trish shares her personal journey from despair to joy with simple, profound methods of enhancing spiritual growth and inner balance that can change your life. Learn tools which will allow the balance of your inner wisdom and your rational mind, so that you can access your full and limitlessness potential and bring fullness and meaning to all aspects of life from a new and different perspective.

*Learning to meet needs within balance
*Using masculine/feminine balance to find joy
*Joy creation through enlightened processes
*Includes Trish’s personal story of finding joy

Journey joyfully, through two sacred spaces: the liquid blue playground of the dolphins and whales, and the luminous, opalescent realms of angelic beings in Lemuria. The wisdom of these two worlds, populated with ascending beings of love and light, is of immeasurable wealth. For in these worlds, swimming with cetacean friends and communicating vibrationally with higher light beings, Celeste has learned much about life and herself from the time of birth to this present moment. She has spent her whole life living and remembering this mystical, magical world by weaving in the mysteries of the unknown and known.

What is Lemuria?

It is in the God/Goddess realm of your imagination. It exists beyond the Bridge of Beliefs in the land our imagination has forgotten. Celeste guides you and together you rise above reason, thoughts, feelings and emotions and move into nonlinear experience.

This book inspires and brings a level of inner peace during these changing times. It contains ancient wisdom that comes at a crucial time during our personal growth and the increasing Earth changes. The messages and ceremonies are shared in story format, through the experience of a young Indian maiden, Sahawtette (Say-ha-tette). She will stir your understanding that our earth truly is a sacred place and has a drum beat, a vibration that is always present. Taught by four elders, The Council, you learn how to apply these teachings to your own life right now… and how their application can have an impact on your future and the future of Mother Earth.

Included is a guided meditation into the center of the earth where you join and become one with the sacred heart of Mother Earth.

Dolphins, Whales and The Multiverse, the unique and extraordinary new book by Joan Ocean, presents the latest messages of the cetaceans who have been swimming by her side for three decades. Multi-dimensional dolphins and whales, who communicate with their minds and consciousness, interact and play in the realms of telepathy and empathy, both with each other and with humans who are adept at receiving their communications. Following Ms. Ocean’s previous two books, Dolphins, Whales and The Multiverse takes us beyond fixed linear time into the fluid gateways of the multiverse, to understand the cetaceans’ messages and advanced physical, visual and auditory perceptions.

Dolphins, Whales and The Multiverse is a collection of transcribed interviews with Ms. Ocean by other pioneering scholars in the fields of Science, Color-and-Light Healing and Cosmic Wisdom. With knowledge, insight and enthusiasm, these gifted individuals draw on their own personal oceanic experiences as they join Ms. Ocean in imparting the wisdom the cetaceans have entrusted to her.

Be prepared to open your mind and heart to the most current and relevant knowledge shared by the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, the Bottlenose dolphins and the Humpback whales, as well as the benevolent extraterrestrial beings who are overlighting humanity’s progress as we evolve into higher consciousness.

Ms. Ocean has a Master of Science degree in Counseling and Human Development, and is a Cetacean Communication Researcher and Metaphysical Scientist. Together with Jean-Luc Bozzoli in 1984 she co-founded Dolphin Connection International in Kona, Hawaii.

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