With over 55,000 hours swimming with whales and dolphins spanning over 20 years of research and experiences, the co-founders are friends, sharing a common desire to bring the teachings and wisdom of these divine cetacean beings into your life. Here are their stories. . .


Joan Ocean, M.S. is internationally known for her work in the field of human-dolphin-whale communication.  In 1984, she co-founded with Jean-Luc Bozzoli, Dolphin Connection International, an organization that explores the advancement of human consciousness, biophysics and spirituality.  Her best-selling books are: Dolphin Connection: Interdimensional Ways of Living and Dolphins into the Future, published in more than ten languages.

An originator of the human-cetacean Ocean Swim Programs world-wide, she provides safe passage and educational seminars, successfully building relationships between humans, dolphins, and whales. She has traveled around the world, swimming with 28 different species of dolphins and whales; including the Amazon River dolphins, the North Atlantic Humpback whales and the highly intelligent Hawaiian Spinner dolphins.

Studying cetaceans through respectful interactions with them in their natural habitats, Joan has been welcomed into their pods. She experiences their sonar and sound frequencies as acoustic images and reverberating tones, which heal and expand human potentials. These sound frequencies, interact with the intelligence in the cells of our bodies and activate our inner wisdom. Contact with dolphins and whales brings us into Dolphin Dreamtime where we experience an expanded state of higher consciousness.

Ms Ocean has determined that the cetaceans are able to resonate with our personal and individual patterns as we swim among them in the ocean. She believes they are using our neurological and emotional programs as the medium for communication. It is through our feelings and intuition that we are able to access their transmissions. The cetaceans living in the salt water are masters of frequency. They can read our intentions, thoughts, desires and subtle energy fields, and they respond in kind.

With a Master of Science degree in Social Work and Counseling Psychology, Joan is a shaman and scientist who understands that dolphins and whales, living unlimited lives in the ocean, immersed in the Noetic codes, with brains more complex than the human brain are the teachers in these human-cetacean councils.  She has named her ongoing interactions with the cetaceans: Participatory Research.

Ms Ocean is the mother of three and the grandmother of seven, all of whom enjoy swimming among the dolphins and visiting the horses and donkeys on her ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Co-Founder of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii, Trish Regan has lived her life seeking inner peace, believing fully that lasting happiness and deep joy are possible with determination to follow one’s heart. Trish finds that many people are looking for a way to find that joy and to expand their spirits and some seek to make quantum advances and move into very high frequencies of awareness beyond their wildest dreams. Trish’s work with the dolphins and whales over many years facilitating cetacean retreats is a refreshing oasis which one can step into through these powerful modules to find what one is looking for.

In 1993, Trish had a transformational experience after swimming with the dolphins for the first time, experiencing firsthand the spiritual phenomena “white lightning” which was a calling from the dolphins to jump off the cliff and move to Hawaii to work with them. Since she and her husband Doug committed themselves to following their inner guidance and listening to their hearts, they heard the call and did just that.

Sharing a home in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time, Trish was working as a dental hygienist while Doug was running his own business. They took a leap of faith in 1994, moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and within months became the co-founders of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii facilitating life changing dolphin retreats.. Since 2004, they also have been conducting whale swim retreats in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Over time, Trish has discovered in herself an overarching passion for guiding people toward peace, healing and profound joy. She shares her whale and dolphin wisdom and experience via retreats, CD’s, DVD’s, Tele-seminars, her book series Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It, Soul Readings, and Core Light Activation’s.


Co-Founder of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii, Doug Hackett, was someone who trusted in the American Dream for the earlier portion of his life. Eventually, however, he realized that he had not found the fulfillment for which he had gone searching, and he underwent a period of turbulent spiritual discovery. Eventually, he was called to work with the dolphins and whales, kicking off a twenty two-year career of helping other men, and women too, to discover peace within them. In honest and forthright terms, he shares his own story, relating the turmoil that it took to get him to see the light.

Prior to co-founding Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii, Doug earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and worked in the nuclear industry. His unhappiness in the corporate world nudged him to explore the spiritual realm and he found himself in a weekly meditation group to which he devoted his time for thirteen years.  He no longer felt threatened, like so many men, to lean into his feminine side a bit to balance with the masculine.

Doug’s first step after finding peace was to found The Light Connection, a company he called “commercial enlightenment” that retrofitted existing commercial lighting and offered healthier alternative lighting solutions. Doug married his wife, Trish, in 1992, and the rest is history. They had a deeply affecting “white light” experience, left their professional lives behind, and relocated to Hawaii in order to work with the dolphins and the whales, and to co-found Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii, through which they offer dolphin swim retreats in Hawaii and whale swim retreats in the Kingdom of Tonga.


Celeste Eaton first fell in love with whales and dolphins when she discovered her Dad’s copy of Moby-Dick. Although she was only three at the time, she often fell asleep with the book in her arms, communicating unconsciously with the sperm whale. Several years later, she met her first dolphin, at Sea World, and after communicating with a “blue-eyed” dolphin, she was told that she was meant to be swimming with the dolphins. In 1994, Celeste listened and answered the “Call.” She was sent on an amazing journey to Kona, Hawaii to explore the mystical, magical world that the Dolphins and Whales live to better know herself and them.

Celeste travels on her journey with the blessing and the wisdom of the Lemurians, eternal Beings of Love and Light, the spiritual lineage of which she is a part. From swimming with her cetacean friends in the ocean to communicating via vibration with the Higher Light Beings, Celeste has seen the whole of existence from the time of her birth to the present moment, understanding in intimate detail how things have happened and why.

Celeste is devoted to remembering and weaving the mysteries of the unknown and the known, her unique abilities making her especially valuable to the people of Earth. As a healer, she works to bring the Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body into perfect balance and radiance, via her soul embodiment Ke Wahine Ka Kailima, which means, “Mother and Protectress.” Facilitating dolphin swims in Kona, Hawaii for 22 years, and Humpback Whale swim retreats in the Kingdom of Tonga for 11 years, Celeste is passionate about spreading their teachings any way that she can.


Terra Farrar is a service-oriented professional who has accrued thirty years of experience as an event planner and product creation expert. She is known for her inventiveness and gift when it comes to translating dreams and visions into big profits and successful programs.

In 1992, the Council, a collective consciousness of Native American Elders, presented themselves to Terra. In 1994, she began channeling the Council, writing The Council Speaks – Channeled Wisdom from Native American Elders. They have since published the first in a trilogy of books launching the first entry, Sacred Heart of the Earth – The Journey Begins.

Terra has since gone on to study under elders and shamans, experiencing a number of sacred journeys that has amplified her gratitude for Life, People, and Mother Earth. When an inner voice in 2015 told her it was time to move, she was rattled, having relocated to her dream town of Sedona only five years earlier. Within six months she sold everything and flew to the Big Island without ever having visited it before.

Within the first three days Terra was swimming with a pod of thirteen Spinner dolphins, serenading her with their sonar and sound frequencies. A few months later Terra met Celeste while participating in a week-long dolphin retreat with Joan Ocean. Terra took the opportunity to ask the dolphins why she had been asked to move to the Big Island. Soon after that Terra met Trish and Doug. In separate conversations all four of them, Joan, Celeste, Trish and Doug, said the same thing to Terra: they had been praying for someone like her, someone who could bring their years of research and the teachings of the whale and dolphin out into the world.

A few weeks later, the Cetacean Academy was born. There was no longer any doubt in Terra’s mind as to why she had been brought to Hawaii, but in June 2016, the Whales and Dolphins made an even clearer statement, telling Terra via a Soul Reading session with Trish:

“You bring into this circle the grounding energy of the earth. The Cetacean Academy (CA) is being formed to serve the planet / earth. This work is a radiation of light that will affect all of creation. CA brings about the joy, wisdom, and knowledge that will spark within hearts the remembrance of who they are as beings of light, as oneness, as aspects of source.” ~ June 2016

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