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provided to us and the Cetacean Academy.

Jean-Luc Bozzoli

The image you see at the top of the webpages is the creation of international artist and visionary, Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

For us, it captures the heart and soul of what we experience and feel when swimming with the Whales and Dolphins. It is the essence of their messages. We love it so much that our dear friend, Jean-Luc is providing the Cetacean Academy with its complimentary use. You’ll discover ways to have it in your daily life in the Treasures portion of this site.

With Joan Ocean, Jean-Luc Bozzoli is co-founder of Dolphin Connection International. He is a French artist living in the Pacific Islands for the past 47 years. Jean-Luc has spent thousands of hours immersed in the holographic and ethereal world of wild dolphins and whales, sharing the wisdom and the visions awakened within him, through his art.

His unique and beautiful art includes the cetaceans, and advanced sacred geometries which transmit the experiences of colorful animated miracles of transformation — morphing, evolving and touching our hearts with beauty and ancient ethereal memories. This art reflects the multi-dimensional inner world of Life beyond the limits of Time and Space. Jean-Luc is the producer of audio-visual presentations and animations like “Transmuteo” and his latest film: “Voyage to Infinity with Whales and Dragons.”

Visit Jean-Luc’s gallery of art by Clicking HERE.

In Gratitude

Neptune Charlie’s Ocean Safaris

Neptune Charlie’s Ocean Safaris offers an array of EcoAdventures off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. From reef and Dolphin snorkeling, Manta Ray night dives, black water snorkel dives and seasonal whale watching they are committed to providing you with a fun and exciting adventure.

We love the spaciousness of the boat; offering shade, upper deck, an on board bathroom, and individual plastic bins keeping your belongings dry and handy.  Plus their bow and upper deck offer great Whale and Dolphin sighting opportunities (and occasional surprises like Whale Sharks).

Kathleen Thormod Carr

Kathleen Thormod Carr  has been swimming with and photographing whales and dolphins since 1991. She is a professional and fine art photographer, teacher, author, and a former Polaroid Creative Uses Consultant. Her award-winning work has been exhibited internationally, purchased for private collections, and has appeared in numerous books and periodicals.

Whatever photographic medium she works in, her photography speaks to the viewer on emotional and spiritual levels. In her words,”I want my photography to inspire people to honor the earth and all who live upon it.

Experience her beautiful photography first-hand by clicking here and touring Kathleen’s site.

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