Shasta Mastery Retreat with Trish Regan

/Shasta Mastery Retreat with Trish Regan
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Come join me, Trish Regan, in magical Mt. Shasta, one of the most potent of the earthly vortexes of the balance of Divine Feminine/Masculine. Having worked with the dolphins and whales for more twenty three years now, these angels of the sea have guided me to gather together those of you who are ready for profound surrender to your Souls and deep connection to the center point of Being … re-union with your God-Self.

The whales and dolphins will be merging with us as we re-awaken our ancient Lemurian heritage linking Mt. Shasta with Hawaii and create our “pod mind” together. We will be immersing ourselves in the sacred energy of the magnificent mountain, rivers and springs with two special Whale Initiations. This will be a very profound experiential retreat with no lectures. We will be sharing our wisdom and experiences, meditation, sound healing, channeling and much inner quiet time in nature. Read more…