CONTACT with Dolphins & Other ExtraTerrestials with Joan Ocean

/CONTACT with Dolphins & Other ExtraTerrestials with Joan Ocean
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Join Joan Ocean and learn about our heritage as spiritual Lemurians and Beings of Light. We will understand what our role is in the transforming Earth as we time travel into our own unfolding futures and visit the multi-verse.

We will immerse ourselves deeply into their soothing vibrational frequencies, floating in the water, learning about the healing power of sound to change molecular structure, to activate our memories and acoustically communicate, to enhance the sound frequencies of Gaia, to activate vortices and portals within us and in nature, while connecting through the morphogenetic field.

The Hawaiian Humpbacks and Spinner dolphins are teaching us to enter parallel worlds to assist our current time line. In the evenings at Sky Island Ranch, entering advanced vibrations using Consciousness to Time Travel, our cosmic relatives will interact with us. This will be a very deep and joyful week of expressing our spiritual love in the world and enhancing our purposes on this planet at this time.

This may be the exact reason you incarnated here at this time on this beautiful planet known as Earth, aka Gaia. Swimming with the dolphins is a form of moving meditation. Observing the Humpback whales leads to ascendance, with joy and illumination. It is part of your evolutionary process. This will bring freedom and higher consciousness to the world. It will permeate and heal the world. Come with an open mind and heart as we go to etheric places of Harmony and Wisdom never accessed before. READ MORE