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Swimming with Humpback Whales

In the Fall of 2016, Cetacean Academy Founder, Terra Farrar journeyed to Tonga with co-founder Celeste Eaton. Here is extraordinary footage from Terra's personal experience. You'll witness the avatar sent to greet us on the first day; a young baby exploring his new environment; heat run as males swam in pursuet of a female to [...]

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Flying Humpback Whale

For any of you who have swam with humpback whales, you are well aware of their formidable size.  And even if this experience has yet to reach the top of your bucket list, from watching video footage of them one is in amazement as to what they can do with their bodies. Did you know [...]

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Hawai’i Dolphin Initiative – Bringing Harmony to Communities in a Sustainable Way

We have previously written about the proposed regulation changes by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to limit human-dolphin interaction in and around the islands of Hawai’i. The first of many community based meetings began in Octob2016 and soon thereafter the Hawai'i Dolphin Initiative was birthed. This is an ongoing initiative. Initially, the focus was [...]

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Baby Humpback Whispers Sounds to Mother

Baby humpback whales seem to whisper to their mothers, according to scientists who have captured the infant whales' quiet grunts and squeaks. The recordings, described in the journal Functional Ecology, are the first ever made with devices attached directly to the calves. "When they're born, these whales are around 5 meters long," (over 16 feet) [...]

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  • Raising Your Vibration

Swimming With The Dolphins

Whether observing pods of Dolphins from five to a hundred, they display a proficiency at group mind and simultaneous action. It’s as if there is a field of energy and a field of intelligence being transmitted among the pod instantaneously. They have an astounding awareness of the extremities of their bodies, of every other dolphin [...]

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Live Outside the Box by Trish Regan

One day, the message the dolphins gave to me while we were swimming gloriously with them was this …  “Live outside the box.” Often when we are gliding gently with these beings of higher consciousness, they will give us clear, unmistakable messages that just infuse our minds with simple words … words that teach. At [...]

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The Time Has Come by Joan Ocean

The Time has Come to reveal many of the advanced capabilities of the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins and the Humpback whales. Since 1984 they have been welcoming swimmers into their family pods. Their extraordinary interactions with us reveal their superior transcendent abilities as we swim together for many hours, side by side in the ocean. Some [...]

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What Role You Play in the Emerging New Earth by Terra Farrar

The forest is home to many life forms from the plants upon the ground to the tall trees; from the creepy crawlies to those with hooves, paws, wings and those that swim; from large boulders to the smallest and finest of stones that make up the soil. They are members of a collective known as [...]

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Swimming in the Dolphin’s Magic by Celeste Eaton

Today, I was swimming at my favorite place, Ho'Okena, to commune with the dolphins as we share energies with one another. I believe they not only share and teach us lessons about our encounters together, we at the same time share information about what we are about; why we are here with them; as well [...]

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Kissed By A Whale in Tonga by Trish Regan

I wish to share with you the most astounding experience I have had in over 12 years of swimming with whales! Recently, during our Whales of Tonga Retreat in the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga, I experienced the closest encounter ever with a huge female humpback. On our first day out in the boat, we had [...]

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