Many people are drawn to have contact with the cetaceans without fully grasping the significance of it. All they know is they love them and they are following the joy in their hearts. The Whales and the Dolphins have called them. That’s all that matters.
Joan Ocean, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

The Birthing of the Cetacean Academy

Co-founders Joan Ocean, Trish Regan, Doug Hackett and Celeste Eaton have been swimming and playing with the wild Whales and Dolphins for over twenty years. Living within a ten minute drive from one another they are dear friends and share a desire to spread the teachings of these cetacean beings with people around the world. From group retreats to private swim-along, hardly a day of the week goes by that at least one of the co-founders is swimming off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. They love sharing experiences and years of Whale and Dolphin teachings with those who are responding to the calling.  Together these four co-founders collectively have over 55,000 hours swimming in the ocean with these benevolent beings.

Then one day in the Spring of 2016, newest pod member, Terra Farrar, approached the four of them with an invitation to collectively bring their years of research and experience into one central place. She invited them to “podner” up and combine the Whale and Dolphin teachings with the New Earth teachings Terra had been collecting for years in her own work with the non-physical collective consciousness of Native American elders known as The Council.  The Cetacean Academy was conceived and its birth took place in a few short months.

While coming back from a dolphin swim with Joan Ocean, she leaned over to me and said, ‘The dolphins are very excited about the Cetacean Academy. They are thrilled you are doing this. They, and the whales, have been asking for this for some time.’ Suddenly I understood why I had been called to the Big Island only months earlier. The Cetacean Academy is much larger than anything any one of us can vision. After all, it is being called into reality by beings more intelligent and magnificent than us.
Terra Farrar, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

The Whale and Dolphin Teachings

Whether observing pods of Dolphins from five to a hundred, they display a proficiency at group mind and simultaneous action. It’s as if there is a field of energy and a field of intelligence being transmitted among the pod instantaneously. They have an astounding awareness of the extremities of their bodies, of every other dolphin and person around them and of their immediate environment.

They travel, feed, play and mate within the unit. They excel at being able to develop individually as well as thrive within group and universal mind. In this way they are examples of how to live in harmony with each other and our environment; how to cooperate and form loving communities. They are teaching us higher dimensional living.

The greatest power on the earth is that of group mind, the power of people to come together and use their minds with empathic love and common intention to effect positive changes on earth, creating beneficent societies.
Joan Ocean, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

Swimming with them off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, we come across pods of various sizes, each trip being unique from another. When in their resting mode, the pod moves slower, often times circling back around to check out the swimmers and engage with us. Other times they do what we call, “swim by” or on super-fast days, “fly by”. No sooner are we in the water when they zoom past us to a nearby destination to either rest or join up with other pods.

During their more playful moments, one of their favorite play “toys” is the leaves we bring with us during our swims. They chase after them, catch them with their beak (or rostrum) and on their fins before passing it off to another dolphin pod member.

Living with them on the Big Island, I have witnessed many of their advanced qualities and abilities. With all the attributes and behaviors they demonstrate, they make clear that equivalent potentials are available within us, the human race, and we will achieve many of these abilities ourselves in the months and years ahead.
~ Joan Ocean, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

The Whales and Dolphins are teaching us as humanity how to live this way. In time, we will tel-empathically communicate with one another just as they do now. Coined by Joan Ocean, “Tel-Empathy” combines the metaphysical ability of telepathy with a genuine feeling of caring and empathy.

As humanity we are learning to live for the good of the whole, in the way of the dolphins, to have unity of thought which connects all things. By honoring one, you honor all.

The Whales and Dolphins can reach across many timelines, beyond time and space to communicate with us through telepathy. The call may come in dream state, feelings or visions, experiencing higher frequencies of love and light before one even meets them in person. They called me and I answered their call. Their telepathic communication brought inner peace to my soul.
Celeste Eaton, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

Raising Your Vibration

We live in a vibrational universe because everything is energy. The more we raise our frequency, the more understanding we have about who we really are as powerful creators. The more in alignment we become with our soul, the closer we resonate with the source of consciousness and align with profound love and joy.

We have experienced that the Whales and Dolphins help us to move into that deep center point within the heart, the core of being. When we live from that point of consciousness, we create lives of wonder, purpose and fulfillment.
~ Trish Regan, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

We inherently are a high vibrational being. Our doubts, fears, concerns, adverse conversations hold us down like a cork under water. When we let go, we naturally pop up into our natural state of a higher vibration. The Whales and the Dolphins teach us to let go of limiting thoughts and belief systems, fear, judgement etc. that hold our vibration down. The more we learn to do this, the more “miracles” appear in our lives which become our new norm.

Buoyancy of water is an analogy for how the universe supports us if we allow it. When relaxed, you are buoyant.
~ Doug Hackett, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

Whales and Dolphins have evolved to the point where they manage their breathing while humans have involuntary breath.  Every breath for them is a conscious choice while humans unconsciously breathe. They never rest as we do; they rest by shutting down and resting part of their brain, and lowering their metabolism as they play and swim continuously.

The dolphins spiral in the air, activating their energy chakras and stimulating synchronization between the lobes of their brain.
Joan Ocean, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

The Whales and Dolphins Teach Us About Unconditional Love and Finding Inner Peace

Land animals create a field of energy around the herd. A Dolphin pod creates a field of energy as well. It can best be described as pure unconditional love. The Whales and Dolphins help us to come into a really deep place within our heart; the center point. They help us to open our hearts. When we do, we have the ability to love without judgement. This is what unconditional love is; accepting all that was, all that is, and all that will be; allowing the ‘being-ness’ of others.

After sharing whale and dolphin experiences with people for twenty plus years, we can say over half of them burst into tears when in contact with them for the first time. They ask us, “Why did this happen? I don’t understand.” The answer can be best answered, “You are in contact with the love, pod energy of the dolphins. You are experiencing the feeling of being in an unconditional loving vibration. You are experiencing the contrast of where most people live and what is possible.”
Trish Regan and Doug Hackett, Cetacean Academy Co-Founders

Love is the opposite of fear. Unconditional love means you are living in the vibration of no fear. You can reach it by living in the center of your heart, the center of your soul. The Whales and the Dolphins help us to find that point deep within. You know when you there when you feel as if you are in the void with no judgement. You love all of it, the dark and the light, the contrast, loving it unconditionally.

Be gentle to all we come into contact with, yet expand our awareness to encompass all that surrounds us. Love and live in joy as we journey through our created reality of what life means to us. Allow me my space as I allow you yours and we will always be touched by love.
~ Celeste Eaton, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

When in the energy of the Whales and Dolphins, there is nothing else going on. You are not thinking of anything in the past or future, simply present in the moment.

We whales are living ideas coming forth from deep levels within the unconscious. It may be strange for you to think of living ideas, because you believe that ideas come forth in the brain of a person. But ideas can have a life of their own. They can be living entities. When ideas coalesce within a matrix of love, honor, honesty, truth, integrity, peace and joy, those ideas are a reflection of the Source. You don’t need to do anything; the Spirit of Love does all things.
The Whales, from “The Profound Messages of the Dolphins and Whales” on Joan Ocean’s website.

They do all of this and much more because mind does not end with the body, at the perimeter called species, or even at family levels or even at a planetary level. You must think without limitation, when you think of mind.

Being in the water with the Whales and Dolphins brings us in to a peaceful place just by being in their energy. They bring us into our heart, into our center and that is when we find peaceful energy.

The Whales and the Dolphins assist us in elevating our frequencies; to shift our cells to embody love, light and joy.
~ Celeste Eaton, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

Whale and Dolphin sounds are one of the highest frequencies on earth.
The vibrational frequency of the Whale and Dolphin singing sound is so high it can penetrate our body and create a harmonic balance. We believe the Whale and Dolphin sounds bring you into a state of harmony that allows both physical and emotional healing to take place.

Whales and Dolphins can read the minds of humans, and they respond according to vibrational frequencies they perceive emanating from us. Using their sonar, sounds and vibrations they send acoustic, holographic images to each other and to us, interacting with the intelligence in the cells of our bodies.
~Joan Ocean, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

The Whales and the Dolphins sounds are like directed beacons into the waters of the earth, creating sound patterns that balance and improve the beleaguered oceans bringing healing and harmony to the earth.

“These are ancient, sentient earth residents with tremendous intelligence and enormous life force. (They) are not someone to kill, but someone to learn from.”
John Cunningham Lilly , (January 6, 1915 – September 30, 2001)

Pathway to Ushering in the New Earth

Science has verified the vibration of the earth is raising higher, an indicator the earth is preparing to make her transition into what is being referred to as the New Earth. For those feeling and hearing the calling to be a part of this transition the time has come to raise our vibration as well.

The Whales and Dolphins have a high vibrational frequency of purity, innocence, pure love, peace, and joy.  They are here on the planet to teach us as humanity how we can evolve by raising our vibrations higher and higher.

When we immerse ourselves in powerful higher vibrations, as when we are with the Whales and the Dolphins, the easier it is for the dense aspects of ourselves like fear, control, judgement and confusion to be transmuted into pure love.
~ Trish Regan, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

Whales and the Dolphins are aware of the forthcoming New Earth and are calling us to come and learn from them. Discovering, learning and embracing the Whale and Dolphin teachings are an exciting journey to the exploration and expression of who we truly are.

When we mirror the qualities of the cetaceans in their natural habitat and shine unconditional love from our hearts, out to the world we are sharing universal visions to help educate and uplift the world. We are privileged to have the Whales and the Dolphins in our lives and present on our planet during this extraordinary time of positive transformation; while our earth spirals into higher, refined dimensions with all of us aboard.
~ Joan Ocean, Cetacean Academy Co-Founder

People like yourself, who are being drawn to our stories and to the teachings of the Whales and Dolphins know of which we speak. It is creating a spark within your heart of remembrance as to who you are, why you are here, and activating the full potential of being who you are. These are cornerstones to ushering in the New Earth.

We are thrilled to be a part of all this and invite you to listen for the message they have for you. What we have experienced about our own lives and what we observe from those who come to swim with us and the Whales and the Dolphins is …lives are changing for the better.

The Whale and Dolphin teachings are being shared with you so together we can usher in the New Earth – a time of unconditional love, inner peace, harmony, joy, playfulness, integrity, trust, unity consciousness, and peaceful coexistence.

Jump in and swim in the vibration and frequency these benevolent beings are here to share with you.

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