For any of you who have swam with humpback whales, you are well aware of their formidable size.  And even if this experience has yet to reach the top of your bucket list, from watching video footage of them one is in amazement as to what they can do with their bodies.

Did you know that a fully grown humpback whale weighs the exact same amount as at least 24 grown up hippos? These massive creatures may not seem very agile, but their ability to leap definitely surpasses gravity.

This incredible video provides a rarely captured scene of a flying humpback whale as it lifts its entire body out of the water. Craig Capeheart was the lucky scuba diver that happened to be present when the amazing giant made its appearance off the coast of South Africa.

Although the southern hemisphere migration of humpback whales is coming to a close (Antarctica), the northern hemisphere (Arctic) begins soon. By December these magnificent cetacean beings will be arriving off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Perhaps one of them will fly for us!